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Experiments that kids can do :)  

Hydrophobicity Experiments

All Wet
(Brought to you by wondernet)
Do all liquids dissolve in water? interactions of oil, corn syrup and alcohol with water\activities\solutions\wet.html

Floating Fluids (Brought to you by wondernet)
Density acting on fluids like corn syrup, oil, alcohol and water. densities of these liquids and why they float.\activities\sinkorfloat\fluids.html

Kevin Lehmann's Bad Chemistry webpage

-clarifies what is and what is not hydrophobicity.

Making Science Make Sense  
is a site by Bayer AG dedicated to making science fun for children 
links to main page with simple experiments demonstrating the principles of polymerization, crosslinking, chromatography, molds and jellies.
Sticky Icky (on polymerization)
Cool Colors (on chromatography)

Polymerization Experiments

Fabulous flubber (Brought to you by wondernet)
Rubbery fun with flubber made from glue and Borax.\activities\art\flubber.html

Goop to go (Brought to you by wondernet)
make your own polymers, 2 kinds of squishy polymers\activities\polymers\goop.html  

Density Experiments
experiments on making Bubbles and properties of Boyle's law