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Meet the Mukerji Research Group

The Hemoglobin Team

Ishita Mukerji, Professor

Kelly Knee, Graduate Student

Research Project:  How does sickle cell fiber formation begin? Real time studies with UVRR



Catherine Roden  '03

Research Project:  Does modification of b-93 Cys residues affect sickle cell fiber formation?

Jill LaBanca, Rotation Grad Student

Research Project:  Can small peptides inhibit sickle cell polymerization?

Gary Wu '05

Webmaster of

Soumya Ramananda, Research Technician


The DNA and HU Team

Colin Aitken '03

Research Project:  How does DNA change its structure?  The B to A transition  

Eliana Tsukroff, Graduate Student

Research Project:  What is the dynamic structure of a DNA Triple Helix?

Katy Trandem '03

Research Project: Is HU protein involved in DNA repair?  Binding to Nicked and Gapped DNA 

Iulia Vitoc, Graduate Student

Research Project:  Does the DNA binding protein HU specifically bind to bent DNA?

Liz Croteau '04

Research Project:  What is the size of  the HU binding site?