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Going Deeper:  Cyrus Levinthal asked how many conformations or possible structures were accessible to a protein and did a protein sample all possible conformations when folding into its correct conformation.  If each amino acid residue has 3 possible conformations that it can access, then a 100 amino acid residue protein would sample 3100 or 1030 possible conformations.  If the time to convert from one conformation to another were very fast, such as 10-13 s, then it would take on average 1027s or 1020 years to sample all possible conformations!  In actuality, proteins have been observed to fold in 10-1 to 103 s either in a cell or in the 'test tube.'   How a protein finds its optimal conformation in this relatively short period of time is known as the Levinthal paradox and lies at the heart of the protein folding problem.

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play with glue and borax to demonstrate principles of polymerization and crosslinkers

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